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Nutritional Powerhouse

We are Sun & Seed, the home of ethically sourced and produced nut, seed and fruit goodness. We harness the nutritional powerhouse of seeds, nuts and berries so you can do more with them - spread, mix, snack, drizzle or blend. From nut and seed butters, oils and vinegars to sprouted seeds and oats and protein powders – our exciting range of organic, raw and vegan products is 100% pure, certified organic and ready to be enjoyed.

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Our passion

We are passionate about food and how it is produced. This is how we started our story back in 2004, on a small family farm where pumpkins and sunflowers were grown, knowing that organic, wholesome food is not from the past, but very much the future. Today, we work with growers from all over the world and are always excited to bring new foods into our range. Our passion lies in sourcing highest quality, organic ingredients from our trusted growers, whose organic farming methods have a minimal environmental impact. We always strive to use growers closer to home and the majority of the nuts and seeds in our product range are grown in Europe. We also like to keep our ingredients raw whenever possible so that all the organic goodness is brought to you intact.


Stone ground

Once the ingredients reach the Sun & Seed foundry, we like to take things slowly. We use traditional artisan methods, our seeds and nuts are hand selected and stone ground and our oils cold pressed. 

It’s a slow and careful process but we think it’s worth the effort!